Ben Weingarten is a smart writer and researcher who helped us create Defending America  

Speaker Newt Gingrich

Ben Weingarten is a shining young voice in the war of ideas for the bedrock principles on which America was founded. His work to amplify these ideas on behalf of Encounter Books and The New Criterion by way of his probing and insightful podcast and drafting of compelling articles around our books has been exemplary …

Roger Kimball, Editor and Publisher of The New Criterion; President and Publisher of Encounter Books

Ben is a penetrating questioner, a thoughtful analyst, and a person of perspicacity, sagacity, and extraordinary intellect as well as not a little bit of charm. He has a keen sense of history, political knowledge and wisdom both broad and deep (and well beyond his years), to go along with substantial media experience and savvy. …

Douglas E. Schoen, Founding Partner of Penn, Schoen & Berland

Ben Weingarten will most assuredly play a role in re-securing America’s founding principles. A patriot, scholar and entrepreneur, Ben embodies the virtues and principles on which our country is based. And he is a millennial to boot! Among his many skills, Ben has that rare combination of intellectual prowess and an ability to market and …

Ginni Thomas, Liberty Consulting

When I need to consult a political expert, strategize for a media appearance or draft an editorial, I turn to Ben Weingarten. He has a firm grasp of all of the issues, a talent for simplifying complex concepts and synthesizing facts and figures into a cogent narrative and a rare ability and shrewdness to find …

Georgette Mosbacher, CEO of Borghese Inc. and Fox News Contributor

While Ben’s work as a researcher exceeded my expectations, perhaps more importantly in the formative stage of the project his structural input was invaluable and resonated throughout the entire process. The result was a major bestseller in which Ben played a significant role.

David Fisher, Author of Over 20 New York Times Bestsellers

For thoughtful, incisive foreign policy and national security analysis, I rely on Ben Weingarten … and learn things I didn’t know before.

Andrew C. McCarthy, Former Federal Prosecutor, Bestselling Author and National Review Contributing Editor